Neighborhood Preservation Program

The Haddon Avenue Implementation Plan (click here to review plan) seeks to provide a framework for making meaningful change for the  Parkside community. Through a collaborative community  process that included community engagement, data  analysis, and review of prior research, this Implementation  Plan proposes the following goals: 


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The Neighborhood Preservation Plan (NPP) program, which began in 1975, focuses on revitalizing neighborhoods through local planning and community participation and building local capacity and coordination to maximize grant funding and sustain neighborhood vitality. Camden's Haddon Avenue is now one of 40 neighborhoods participating in the program.

Goal 1: Support new and existing businesses and encourage entrepreneurship. 

Goal 2: Create and curate a vibrant, culturally rich,  and locally supportive corridor that helps tell the  Parkside Story. 

Goal 3: Enhance the physical conditions of the  corridor to create a safer, more welcoming area for  residents and visitors. 

Goal 4: Strengthen, support, and sustain local  residents and improvements to the corridor. 

Funding Action Plan

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The NPP Program is funded by the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs