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Area Median Income

PBCIP has received funding to develop affordable housing (homeownership and rental) from the NJ Department of Community Affairs, NJ Legislative Appropriation, NJ Economic Development Authority and Low Income Housing Tax Credits Program.

Potential homebuyers and renters will have to meet the Area Median Income (AMI) guidelines to be eligible to reside in the new homes. The picture to the left gives examples of income limits. Please note income limits are subject to change based on the current AMI once construction starts.

Opportunities for Homeownership

Sales prices will range from $100,000 to $129,000. Income restrictions will apply.

PBCIP Housing

PBCIP Housing

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PBCIP will kick-off its new homes for sale project with 10-units of affordable housing including the rehab and new construction of 3 bedroom units, 1.5 – 2.5 bathroom properties on targeted streets (Empire, Haddon, Kenwood, and Princess) in the Parkside community. The properties will consist of row homes and twins newly rehabbed and constructed with forced-air heat, central air, 10-year roof warranty, hardwood floors, high quality carpet, low E windows, modern kitchen, appliance package, security system, fenced backyard and warranty on overall construction.

Construction is currently underway with all homes estimated completion by June 2024.

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Opportunities for Rental
Parkside Place Phase 1 & 2
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PBCIP has partnered with Cinnaire Solutions and Cornerstone Community Partners to offer a mix of housing choices that include multi-family style apartments in 1 and 2 bedroom styles. Seventeen units will affordable income and the remaining 15 units will be market rate.


The project includes 30 rental units along 1400-1500 blocks of Haddon. The units will include 1-2 bedrooms and 1 baths. Units will offer reduced energy costs. Income restrictions will apply.

Projected construction dates July 2023 with completion by December 2024.

HOPE Institue
HOPE Institute

PBCIP’s Hope Institute is a HUD-certified housing counseling agency. Our HUD certified housing counselor's  are here to assist clients with rental counseling, pre-purchase and foreclosure prevention.


Pre-Purchase Education

The Hope Institute's FREE VIRTUAL Homebuyer Education Course includes six workshops on Wednesday evenings, plus individual sessions with your housing counselor.

The education workshops cover topics including budgeting, how to improve your credit score and the mortgage application process. The individual counseling helps each client calculate their mortgage affordability and strategies on how to improve their credit score.

If you have additional questions,  please contact Miosha Lawrence at (856) 964-0440, x. 15 or

"Never give-up. Try and try and try until you reach your goals." The Ray Family & New Homeowners

Rental & Foreclosure Assistance Counseling
PBCIP’s housing counseling staff are here to help you if you are struggling to pay your rent, mortgage or other major bills. Contact our experienced staff to request assistance with:

  • Rental assistance

  • Foreclosure assistance

  • Utility assistance


The NJ eviction moratorium has ended. Depending on your income, if you have past due rent accrued between March 1, 2020 and either August 31, 2021, or December 31, 2021, there is protection from being evicted or removed from where you are living. You must self-certify your household income to become eligible for this protection. Click to complete the certification application.

Should you have any questions please contact Angela Randall at (856) 964-0440, x. 14 or

The next session of classes begin

September 2024.


Success Story
Alicia, Hope Institute Client: PBCIP’s Homeownership Education program put me on the right path and kept me there. The classes were informative and the one-on-one sessions helped me reach that ultimate goal of buying my first home! My family is so happy! PBCIP’s Homeownership Coordinator made me feel comfortable about my financial situation, allowing me to be honest and open. I have told many of my friends, coworkers and family about your program, and that if followed correctly, buying a home is possible!! 

I really can’t stress enough how following their advice helped. My lender and realtor even told me how they have never seen someone approved by the mortgage company and state grant program so fast. I had every document ready to go. This program is awesome!

Click here to request an information packet and we'll send you a information packet to put you on the road to homeownership with PBCIP's Hope Institute.

2024 Hope Institute Workshop Series:

  • Fall 2024 (September)

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