Success Stories

Ronald, Hope Institute Client:
I am 57 years old. In 2009 I lost my job at Lockheed Martin where I was making $25,000 a year. Unfortunately by 2011 I was homeless but was able to get back on my feet in 2012. Someone told me about the City of Camden having first-time homebuyer’s programs but I wasn’t ready. Then in 2014 I had major surgery. Once I completed my recovery, I found PBCIP’s homeownership education program, the Hope Institute. When I walked in that classroom I thought with my income I wouldn’t be able to qualify for a mortgage. However after sitting down with Miosha, PBCIP's Homeownership Coordinator, she helped me figure out my house price range.

I am proud to say that on December 28, 2017 I bought my house in the City of Camden! I had been living in an apartment in Magnolia paying twice the amount of my new mortgage! I would like to say to everyone, I didn’t do this overnight. As long as you have patience and follow thru with your plan you can become a homeowner in whatever neighborhood you desire.

Mr. Wilson, Hope Institute Client:
I first enrolled in the program I was paying a total of $550 per month in student loan debts. In 2014 I was so backed up that I owed almost $3,000 in late payments to each student loan company. I started a part-time job and was able to pay that down but then I started missing payments again. In 2016 I made the effort to pay them on time every month but that still was killing me. During our counseling we discussed the importance of maintaining on-time payments so that my credit score doesn’t suffer and to inquire about different payment programs (consolidation, lower payments). I applied for a deferment so I could catch up on other bills. The student loan company contacted me so I can start repayment and I gave them copies of my paystubs. I was just notified that my payments have been reduced to $141.38 a month.