Success Stories

Tiana, Hope Institute Client:
My journey to becoming a first-time homeowner, began in September 2016 when I started PBCIP’s first-time homeowner classes. Becoming a first-time homeowner can be very scary, confusing and frustrating! Going to PBCIP’s educational classes helped me deal with the unknown. Miosha Lawrence helped me gain a peace of mind throughout the process - she did not leave my side until I left the closing table! With her help I was able to become a homeowner less than a year after attending the program.

Miosha walked me step-by-step with improving my credit score and she did an AWESOME job finding the best down payment grants for me. She worked with the mortgage company to help them understand the different grant programs; several times she reached out to the grant administrator to clarify how the grants can be used to the mortgage company.

Having programs like PBCIP is very helpful to any first-time homeowner, not only does the program help you with getting your credit together, it also teaches you how to manage your money so that you can stay in your home.

Dhamiri, Hope Institute Client:
I am 28 years old, have several part-time jobs and live at home with my family. Prior to 2015 I have not thought to hard about home ownership, credit or savings. It’s not to say that I never planned to buy a home but that it just wasn’t something that I thought about. Honestly my next move from my parent’s house was to possibly get my own apartment. After a talk that I had with my father he convinced me that it was better to save for a house rather than to live in an apartment.  
So I began to look up the process of how to do this on my own. I purchased many books on home ownership and credit but this was little help. Then one day while I was at work I overheard my coworker telling me about this program that she was involved in at PBCIP. She gave me the information and I had called and luckily they were just about to start up the new session. This was great because knowing myself had I waited another 4 months I may not have enrolled.  So God was looking me out on this particular week. My first class was May 20, 2015. What I received that day was a plan for the future as in how to become a responsible adult. The reason why I say that I because many people in their 20’s do not have the best financial plans when it comes to money and I was one of them. So this class had a major impact on my life. 
The classes were very insightful, energetic, and knowledgeable. The instructor Miosha Lawrence did an outstanding job of keeping the class fun and keeping us awake at such a late hour. The information that she provided was helpful and eye opening. She covered everything from what we should except buying a house, how to save money, how to build your credit up and many more areas or home ownership and financial responsibility. Many of the tactics that she covers are simple things that many people will look over if not informed by someone. After the classes were over and I had to do my financial counseling I was a little nervous. I was nervous about the shape of my credit report and spending habits being judge by another person. Ms. Lawrence reviewed my credit report and was able to catch the mistakes that I was making. On that day, by the way which happened to my birthday, she came up with a plan for me to help improve my credit score.  

Now that I have the knowledge and plan to fix my credit things needed to go into action. I will admit that it took me sometime before I started to follow the plan, this was due to my own procrastination. In March of 2016 I began to follow the plan the Ms. Lawrence provided for me. I came up with a budget which she had advised me to do. At the age of 28 and after working for nearly fifteen years that was the first time I had come up with a budget. Let me until you know that having a plan for your money is so much better then blindly spending money. By using that budget report and the tips that I learned in the PBCIP classes I was able to reduce my credit card debt drastically, improve my credit score and have more money in my pockets overall. Now this is not to say that I was always balling because there are times when I don’t have a penny to my name. The difference between me not having money now verses last year is that last year I would blow my money and have bills unpaid. Now I am current on all of my bills and I’ve never felt better. I really appreciate what this program has done for me. I recommend this program to all of my friends or to anyone who just want to learn how to make improvements in your life. To anyone reading this I would highly recommend that you take this class.