Youth Arts Workshop July 19 in Farnham Park

Youth will develop business plans for showcasing their artistic ability.

If you are a youth who participated in PBCIP's highly successful July 12 kick-off, be sure to attend this week's session in Farnham Park, where we'll develop a business plan for producing, marketing and selling a product to showcase your artistic ability.

The workshop takes place from 2 to 5 p.m., July 19, in Farnham Park along Park Boulevard.
Workshop staff includes: Valerie Trent, a Mutual of Omaha representative and business entrepreneur who is a veteran contributor to PBCIP’s youth arts program, and Horace Smith, a Camden artist known for his work which honors the memory of Camden’s murder victims.

Trent and Smith will assist with brainstorming ideas, creating business plans and bringing youth business ideas to fruition. Goods created through the youth arts program will be sold at PBCIP's Haddon Avenue Street Festival on September 29 with proceeds funding future arts entrepreneurship workshops.