Parkside Neighborhood Plan 2017-2027

Better Together In Parkside!

PBCIP’s neighborhood planning effort, a 10 month, resident-driven project established a comprehensive strategic plan for transformative neighborhood change. Over 700 residents and stakeholders, guided by PBCIP and its consultants, set forth goals and action steps that address comprehensive community and economic development strategies. The implementation phase being funded (in part) by Wells Fargo Regional Foundation includes concrete steps toward accomplishing significant milestones in commercial development, housing, education, neighborhood services and health & active living initiatives.

"Parkside Collaborative Call To Action"
The Parkside collaborative is a group of partners – Camden County Historical Society, NJ Conservation Foundation, LAEDA, HopeWorks, and PBCIP - coming together to transform and revitalize the Parkside neighborhood. 

With support from the Wells Fargo Regional Foundation, we are working together to create a flourishing neighborhood over the next 5 years – one where a new generation will be employed with quality jobs, families will access new green spaces and healthy food, and in all, a new, stronger future will be built in Parkside.  

As we build this better future, we have a collective vision that any person walking up and down our blocks will see:
  • Revitalized gardens, parks and trails – from rehabilitated Farnham Park plaza to the new Camden Historical Society Museum “History Garden”
  • More healthy produce affordable and accessible for all residents
  • More recreational activities and trailways to support resident fitness and health
  • A vibrant business corridor along Haddon Avenue with stronger retail shops and new community based entrepreneurs filling real estate vacancies and providing jobs for residents.
  • A new generation of Parkside youth engaged and employed in technology focused industries and continuing to live in the neighborhood
  • Equal access to healthy food and jobs through gardening
Over time, Parkside structures, streets, and blocks will be revitalized – as we together build and grow connections, progress, and hope.  Now, the question is; how do you want to be a part of this change?

Below are the latest 3 events. Click here to visit our calendar.

Meet the Employers25-Apr-2019

6pm Thursday April 25 Camden County Historical Society 1900 Park Boulevard ..MORE >

Parkside May 2019 Community Meeting29-May-2019

Student Recognition & Achievement 6pm Wednesday May 29 Camden County Historic..MORE >

Roots to Market's Free Gardening Workshop29-May-2019

Gardening Classes are from 5pm-6:30pm Parkside Methodist Church 14..MORE >