Join PBCIP & Get the Benefits

Membership gives you a voice and some great perks!

Have a voice in the Parkside community! Play a Role in Neighborhood Change!

It's easy to pay your $12 annual membership dues and become a member of PBCIP in 2013. You can pay online with most credit cards through PBCIP's Paypal link simply by clicking the button below.


  • PBCIP members have a voice in the Parkside community. In Parkside, residents - rather than outside forces - are guiding decisions.
  • Members play an important role in neighborhood change… and you can too! PBCIP’s activities are always directed by its membership – PBCIP solves issues and completes projects that members have told us are important to their lives.

Paid PBCIP members in 2013 will receive the following benefits:

  • ”free” 1 hour lawn service or area specific clean-up
  • Access to flowers, trees and vegetable plants to beautify lawns and opportunity for monthly giveaways via drawings and/or contests.
  • VIP access to RENEW groundbreaking and opening events



One of PBCIP's many activities in Parkside is to produce the Haddon Avenue Street Festival.

Here a large crowd enjoys entertainment at our 2012 event.