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PBCIP offers top-to-bottom complete rehab of homes in the Parkside neighborhood of Camden. Buying a PBCIP home is like buying “a new house within a historic façade.” We retain the original look of neighborhood homes as we upgrade the exterior. Inside you’ll get a completely new house.

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Parkside is a beautiful community of tree-lined streets and friendly neighbors! Each block has families that take pride in their property, and PBCIP sponsors events throughout the year including Fun Day in Farnham Park, the Haddon Avenue Street Festival, clean-ups, block parties and planting days.
Buy a PBCIP home and be part of a great neighborhood!

How to Buy a PBCIP Home

If you are currently in the market for a new home, and particularly if you are prequalified for a mortgage, contact PBCIP about homes that are currently move-in ready. Click here to email us, or call PBCIP’s Homeownership Coordinator Miosha Lawrence at (856) 964-0440.

If you’re interested in buying a house but would like a FREE financial check-up to see how soon you’re likely to be approved for a mortgage, click here request an information packet from PBCIP and learn more about PBCIP’s Hope Institute homebuyer education program.

HOMES Currently under Construction

If you have money saved, fair to good credit and/or a mortgage prequalification, you may qualify to buy a PBCIP that’s under construction now along Park Boulevard and nearby streets. Click on the gallery images below to view the construction process.

View of a home before construction begins.As framing goes up, the kitchen, living and dining space begin to take shape.New beams and parging with a layer of cement strengthen and seal the structure.Plumbing and baths are among the first things installed once construction begins.

Future Projects

Is home ownership your someday dream? Start PBCIP’s Hope Institute now, stay motivated to work toward your goal and we’ll have homes ready for you in one to four years.