Green Business Opportunities

Coming Soon: A Refurbished, Quality Laundromat on Haddon Avenue

Work has begun on the People's Laundromat building, which has been acquired by PBCIP as part of the Haddon Avenue revitalization initiative. The laundry will be completely renovated as an eco-friendly, sustainable and community-oriented business. 

A new roof and renovations to the exterior of the building have improved its outward appearance. On the inside, renovations will include new flooring, walls and lighting, an improved bathroom and a redesigned interior with additional space for folding and comfortable customer seating. Machines will be replaced with high-efficiency washers and dryers and plans include a wash-and-fold service as well.

The Laundromat will serve as a neighborhood-based, eco-friendly laundry that also reflects PBCIP's mission to revitalize Parkside and support sustainability in the community. In addition to energy efficient operations, the facility will contain pictures, displays and exhibits designed about the benefits of "going green" and explaining the sustainable features at the site.