Our Board & Staff

Above: Board & Staff in a Planning Retreat

For much of its existence, PBCIP was an all-volunteer organization run by residents of the community. Although professional staff was brought on in 1999 as the scope and complexity of PBCIP’s work grew, the board of trustees remains neighborhood-based. Most members reside in Parkside and neighborhood businesses and organizations are represented as well.


Bridget Phifer, Executive Director
Sarah Bailey-Drummond, Financial Director (x. 17)

LaTina Gaines, Administrative Assistant (x. 11)
Sheilah Greene, Community Outreach Specialist (x. 13)
Miosha Lawrence, Homeownership Coordinator (x. 15)

Jonathan Wetstein, Urban Agriculture Coordinator (x. 12)

PBCIP Board Members

Oscar R. Spencer, Chairperson
Tasha Gainey-Humphrey, Vice-Chairperson
Colandus "Kelly" Francis, Treasurer
Ryan Chew, Secretary
Yaniece Spencer, Parliamentarian
Kathryn Gaines-Mathis
Michael Hammond
Debra Moran
Naomi Scott
Aaron Spencer
Ed Venable
Dr. Nyeema Watson