4 Good Reasons To Own Your Own Home

The idea of owning your own home can be intimidating. But it’s a smart move if you’re well-prepared and have to tools to make smart decisions. Why own a PBCIP home?

  • You get more house for your money

    PBCIP’s “gut rehab” construction give you all new wiring, plumbing, heating and air conditioning systems. A similarly priced home on the market is likely to have minimal improvements to make things look good on the surface. You have no way of knowing what’s behind those walls! With a PBCIP home, it’s all new from top to bottom, including complete new kitchen with appliances and all new bathroom and powder room.

  • It’s cheaper to own than rent

    With a typical mortgage payment of around $750, monthly payments on a PBCIP home are often lower than the rent you currently pay. (Your mortgage will vary depending on current rates.)

  • Downpayment options & closing cost assistance

    PBCIP offers flexible downpayment options. First time homebuyers may qualify for a City of Camden grant of $5,000.

  • We’ll help you understand the process

    Don’t get pressured into a bad lease or, worse, high payments on a poor quality home. With PBCIP’s homebuyer education program, you’ll learn how to compare mortgage offers and find the best terms for your financial situation.